7 Ways to Sleep Comfortably and soundly

Sleep is a movement to silence our body & mind in some time. Because we know, before we sleep, so many movements that drain our energy & our mind does not stop. Sleep can also calm the soul & mind that are under stress. For this reason we must maintain the quality of our sleep so that it is always good. This is marked by the more restful of our sleep every day.

Various kinds of tricks we can run so that we sleep more soundly. So the activities that we can carry out when awake are able to be more optimal & not stagnate. Health guidelines, this time can discuss recommendations so that we sleep more soundly.
7 Ways to Sleep Comfortably and soundly

1 Setting the Right Sleep Time
You have to set the right time to sleep & wake up. If you sleep at the time you made sure, you are already in bed. do this every day. Likewise, when you wake up, you must establish a wake up at the time you set & do it every day.

2 Don't Eat Before You Go to Bed
You should not eat before you go to bed & drink excessively when you go to sleep. This can also disturb the quality of your deep sleep. Try not to drink coffee, smoke or drink alcoholic beverages before bed. Because it disturbs your sleep comfort.

3 Make the Room More Comfortable
Creating the state of your room more comfortable for sleeping. This can be done together to listen to soft-flowing music or to use the dim lights of the room can also support creating a better quality of your sleep. Try turning off the television before going to bed. So that you won't disturb your sleep late at night with the TV still on.

4 Keep Your Room Not Narrow
Keep the bedroom you use will create comfort. In this element, don't be too narrow, so it will be difficult for you to move to the bed or sleeping location that you occupy.

5 Don't Take a Long Nap
If you want the quality of your midnight sleep more soundly. So you have to limit your nap. In this occasion, don't take your naps too long. Try to take a nap with just 10-30 minutes. this is to maintain the quality of your midnight sleep more soundly.

6 Try to exercise
Try to exercise your body every day, this can be done in the morning today with morning exercise. this will support the quality of sleep to make you feel more restful.

7 Schedule Jobs for Tomorrow
If you have not a little work for tomorrow or you have a few problems the next day. It is better if you write it down in a book that contains the work that you will run the next day or contains all the solutions regarding your various problems. This can also make it easier for you to sleep better & better.

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