Healthy sleep patterns in children

Children are a mystery as well as their own happiness. Children can make us laugh, can also make us angry. As parents, our job is to help them get used to the healthy lifestyle they will use throughout their lives. Today we will talk about how to regulate healthy sleep patterns.
Children need more sleep than adults. Their small bodies are

growing fast every day. When their bodies rest, the body will recover. Repair of damaged tissue occurs when the body is a sleep.
We have agreed that children need enough sleep. The one who disagrees is the child himself. They want to play, eat and more except sleep. You certainly understand this, if you ever put them to sleep before they get sleepy. After the lights are turned off, the little boys have walked to your room with a doll in his hand.
What should we do? There are many theories and solutions available, but here, we will discuss some tips that will make it easier to determine when to sleep.
Set hours of sleep and be consistent always.
 This requires the cooperation of both parents. If one is still in the office, the other must be able to oversee the implementation of the regulation. For example: at eight o'clock at night, send the children into bed. They may seduce you so they can shift their hours of sleep, but remember that consistency is the key to success.

Make a new habit at bedtime.
Children love asking to be told, given drinking water, covered. You can do all that for them, start half an hour early. If they want fairy tales or videos, they have to sit in bed at 19:30. You don't need to tell that it's half an hour faster than it really is. May also give permission to take a warm bath at night which will help them relax.

Offer snacks.
The child will not sleep if his stomach is rumbling. Dinner might be at 5, but we can still give snacks at 7 if they are asleep at 8.

Give extra busyness to children.
Children who play are also sleepy kids. Exercise every day can make children more obedient and more comfortable to sleep at night.

Cool the bedroom.
Children are usually more comfortable if their room is cooler.
Is your child hard to put to sleep at night? The tips above can help you overcome them

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