Impact due to negative adverse effects of hypertension for health

Impact due to negative adverse effects of hypertension for health and lead to other diseases and this is not small in number.
High blood pressure or commonly referred to as hypertension, will slowly but surely be able to damage our own body, before the symptoms of the damage occur several years later.
If not treated, a good hypertension treatment from a competent doctor is also well taken care of, hypertension can trigger a very fatal heart attack. As for one of the effects of hypertension if not treated immediately, namely damage to the arteries of blood vessels.
Due to the effects of hypertension for health
Danger of High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is a type of disease that is quite common among Indonesian people. High blood pressure or hypertension can occur when blood pressure flowing in our body becomes higher and above the recommended normal blood pressure.
In general, normal normal blood pressure in humans is in the range 100-140 mmHg for the systolic range, and 60-90 mmHg for the diastolic range. Someone will be diagnosed with high blood pressure when showing a number above 140/90.
Hypertension can cause damage and narrowing of arteries. The arteries become hard, rigid and can block blood flow.
Here are some of the dangers of hypertension in organ health including the following:
Brain Damage
Low oxygen supply due to hypertension can cause blood clots, as well as blocking blood flow to the brain. This condition can increase the occurrence of a mini stroke. For the most serious cases, hypertension can cause a stroke. Other brain damage affects vascular dementia, cognitive impairment, and other brain diseases.
High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for stroke. The main risk factor is that high blood pressure can be one of the main causes of a person having a stroke.
Some cases of stroke that occur are cases that are triggered by hypertension in sufferers. Therefore, when we are aware of high blood pressure, it helps us to always maintain our diet and keep our minds from becoming prone to hypertension, so as to reduce the risk of stroke.
Cardiovascular Heart Disease
High blood pressure can cause very stretched arteries and cause tissue damage. One cause of hypertension, is atherosclerosis, where plaque and cholesterol block the arteries that cause strokes or heart attacks.
In addition, chest pain (angina) and irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) are usually accompanied by high blood pressure. This condition causes the heart to work harder and allows tissue infection or death.
One of the adverse effects arising from complications of high blood pressure or hypertension is the emergence of a heart attack. High blood pressure in blood vessels will cause abnormalities in the heart, which will cause heart attacks on the body. Even worse, it will also cause heart failure and also damage to heart cells.
Kidney Disease
Kidney is one of the organs that can be damaged by high blood pressure. One of the functions of the function of kidney function is filtering excess water and food waste that comes from the blood.
If the arteries of the kidneys are damaged, then the circulation of blood to the kidneys is also disrupted and the kidneys cannot function properly, so that the waste builds up. In addition, kidney cells can also be damaged due to interference with nutrition and blood intake to the kidneys.
Impaired blood circulation to the eye can cause vision problems, such as farsightedness, bleeding and even blindness.
Vital Organs
In men, hypertension can lead to erectile dysfunction and in women, it can cause loss of sexual arousal, the vagina feels dry and cannot orgasm.
Because hypertension triggers the amount of calcium wasted in the urine so that bone density is reduced and porous. Especially if it occurs in adult women.

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